Saturday, July 02, 2005

Big News, Missing News

Sandra Day O'Connor resigns. Roe might not be under fire quite yet, but I rather liked O'Connor's "no undue hardship" test for evaluating legislation regulating abortion. If abortion is a legal right, then women should not have to demonstrate their willpower or moral authority to obtain one, nor should they have to drive three hundred miles to the only in-state clinic that provides abortions, nor should they have to appear before judges in order to circumvent their parents. Shaming women who seek abortions, which seems to be even the mainstream Democrat default strategy, variously enshrined in discourse and legislation, is also a kind of hardship. Very few women want to have an abortion, just as very few people want to undergo invasive surgery of any kind. If women have the right to an abortion, they also have the right not to have to jump through hoops of shame in order to obtain one.

In missing news, what the hell happened to those remaining Abu Ghraib photos that were supposed to be released at the end of June? I know that Rove called liberals traitors, that Michael Jackson was acquitted, that Affleck and some chick got married, and that many white women are missing, but... you know... torture by US military forces? What's happening with that story?


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