Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Disambiguation of Rove and Plame

Since the only people to pay attention to the Plame-leak story before about a month age were leftist bloggers, I thought I knew the basic contours of this story. That was before the story started to break and before the Rove spin-machine got ahold of it. It's starting to sound like a sprawling, complicated network of hazy allegations--Los Angeles freeways under a smoggy sky. Many people just becoming aware of this story probably take one look and walk away: it's murky and ugly, so let's go back to the clarity of the plains. I've found myself tempted to throw up my hands, stop paying attention, and wait until October for the end of the grand jury.

There is a coherent story--although we'll only find out who will be proven guilty of what, exactly, later--and Digby in a longish post puts it all together for the non-politically obsessed. If you read one Rove and Plame related blogpost, it should be this one.


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