Tuesday, September 13, 2005

The Democrats Voted--Updated

But not very many of them. Turnout was very poor--estimated right now at some 450,000.

And according to WNYC's Brian Lehrer, Freddy Ferrar has received 39.495 percent of the vote--just shy of the 40% necessary to avoid a run-off election with young Anthony Weiner.

Ferrar has already given the equivalent of a victory speech. Weiner has yet to speak. (Both Fields and Miller have conceded with good grace.) Talk of recounts has begun.

The campaigns so far have been pretty damned colleagial: without a chance of beating Bloomberg, there was no point in leaving scourched earth behind. Recounts, though, tend to get nasty, and a run-off is necessarily more personal.

Let's see what happens next...

[Update 1: Anthony Weiner has just spoken: he's declaring himself to be in a run-off but says that he would rather lose the election than do anything that would divide the city. He really is an effective campaigner, despite my suspicions about him.

In other news, Scott Stringer is the new borough president, Robert Morgenthau continues as DA, and Betsy Gottbaum successfully fends off Stormin' Norman to remain Public Advocate.

A good online source for NYC political news is the Gotham Gazette.]

[Update 2: Apparently, Anthony Weiner has concluded that it's in his best interest to lose now with good grace rather than to lose later looking whiny. Today (Wednesday 14 Sept.) at noon, he conceded the primary to Ferrer.

Also, for the record, it's Freddy Ferrer, not Freddy Ferrar. That's what happens when you get your local news from the radio.

Poking around the blogs last night, I saw that at least half of the commentors on the Kos thread about this race strongly preferred Weiner over Ferrer. No mention of his stance on academic freedom. They saw him as a personable candidate making a strong case for middle class people feeling pushed around by big money, which, of course, he is. A few people accused him of being a stalking horse for landlord interests, but generally the pro-Weiner contingent dominated. Interesting.]

[Update 3: According to the New York Observer's blog, The Politicker, the City Board of Elections is saying that despite Weiner's conceding the primary, a run-off must still be held. Take that for what it's worth.]


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