Sunday, October 09, 2005

I've lived in my current NYC apartment, on and off, mostly on, for the last six years. On the way to the local bodega, there's always been this one building that's had people hanging out outside, smoking, chatting, usually looking pretty normal. There're people hanging out all over the neighborhood, I've always thought, so maybe this is just a particularly sociable building. But over the years, I started to see some signs of institutionalism in the building--starting with the "No Smoking Anywhere Inside" sign and then there were the awful pastels visible on the ground floor. My working assumption had been that it was a halfway house, and although I was curious, I kept forgetting to research further.

So I finally googled the address, and I discovered that this building around the block is a "Post Graduate Residence Center" for the "Mental Health Services" division of the NYC public health ministry. Further googling did not yield a definition of "post graduate."

Well, I haven't had any trouble yet. Let's hope for the best.


Blogger The Modesto Kid:

Last night we went to a restaurant for dinner, on Academy Street in South Orange where we live. Where we parked we noticed there were a bunch of kind of rowdy young-ish people, having a shouted conversation with somebody on the second floor of the building and with someone across the street. After we walked past Ellen asked, is it ok to leave the violins (mine and Sylvia's) in the car? -- I said sure, my first impression was that the rowdy people were mental patients and that the building was some kind of group home. Sure enough, walking back after dinner I saw a plaque in the building's lobby affirming it as such.

10/12/2005 03:10:00 PM  
Blogger Jackmormon:

Doesn't it feel slightly odd--not only realizing that such an institution is right around the corner or next to a favorite restaurant, but that you picked out the signs that something was not quite normal?

I guess I'm happier that the building around the corner from me is a mental health group home rather than a halfway house--although why I'm happier, I don't really know.

10/13/2005 06:37:00 PM  

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