Saturday, April 23, 2005

Morbid Fascinations and Mark Mason

An embarrassing admission: since discovering that registery on Blogshares was part of the Blogger package, I've become morbidly fascinated with the "stock value" of this blog (hence the title of this post). I wouldn't have been so interested had not someone started buying shares in the blog before I figured out how to claim the damn thing and buy the requisite 1000 shares in my 5000 share-"company."

I have exactly one investor: one Mark Mason, who appears to be gaming my stock in order to increase its value. He bought all available shares, then sold them en masse, then proceeded to buy them back gradually. I imagine there's a strategy involved there somewhere, but it remains opaque to me, since only four blogs have linked to me. So, if you actually read this blog in addition to speculating on it, Mark Mason, I'd be interested in hearing about your strategy.


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