Sunday, May 01, 2005


From Ben Alpers in Michel Berube's May Day thread, a link to the Japanese band Soul Flower Mononoke Summet playing the Internationale.

I liked it so much, I figured I'd poke around the web....

Via a collection at, an mp3 of an unidentified swinging French version: lilting accordians and rather sweet folksy voices.

From the extensive collective at the Russian Anthems Museum, a Chinese hard rock version from a 1992 album by the Tang Dynasty band. The webmaster there warns that the links to mp3 files aren't entirely stable. I like more the Hannes Wader mp3, cause it's all Biergarten-y, with the crowd joining in with gusto.

I'm late to the music sharing party--but I do figure if there's one piece of music I'm unlikely to get sued for downloading, it's the Internationale...


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