Sunday, December 24, 2006

The Question That Apparently Must Be Asked

In August 2004, Apostropher wandered across some LiveJournal user who wondered whether Barack Obama's charisma, as demonstrated at that summer's Democratic Convention, and the burgeoning Presidential hype around him were signs that Obama might be the foretold Anti-Christ.

Since then, Apostropher's post has become one of the top google hits for "Barack Obama" "anti-christ" (it is the top hit for "Is Barack Obama The Anti-Christ," the title of the post). The crazies of every stripe have shown up, and they will probably continue to show up.

It must be admitted that certain people of my acquaintence have engaged with some of these people, have taken on (transparently) false identities to argue with them under different logical parameters. It is possible that I have done so a few times.

But this ridiculous thread has alrady been active for two years. Just imagine what kind of activity it might get if or when Obama actually announces!

You want to get your apocalyptic political scenario in early, folks.


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