Thursday, March 31, 2005

Busy, Busy Bees On Wikipedia

Someone has been hard at work updating and expanding the "History of the LDS Movement" entry in the Wikipedia. Many of the newer entries are apologetic. There's an entry on the church's response to modernism, with an example of how in 1990 the church altered the "Endowment Ceremony" to remove some blood oaths and Masonic symbolism. There's another entry on 1960s revisions to Bruce McConkrie's book, which points out that some anti-Catholic language was removed. The section on polygamy emphasizes the extremity of the legal measures taken by the US Congress (property seizures, convictions, denial of due process to polygamists), while deleting the military threat Utah faced (according to the previous Wikipedia version and to some of my reading). This being Wikipedia, the entry will shake down into real neutrality eventually. Whoever is posting this stuff is doing a public service, but is surely not disinterested.