Sunday, March 13, 2005

Feminist Mormon Housewives, Huzzah!

The New York Times, in a cultural piece on religious blogging, managed to slip in only a few urls (as usual, the newspaper tried to limit references to internet sources), but one of them directed me the excellent site, Feminist Mormon Housewives, where Lisa and some of her friends talk about their lives and about why the title of their blog is not oxymoronic.

The short answer, I'm infer, is that just because the modern Church takes some old skool positions, doesn't mean that individual women have to be ijjits. A longer answer would have to consider some of the drift in the Church's position on women since the frontier days, as well as the Church's politicization in its more mainstream incarnation.

Anyway, I'll be poking around the Mormon side of the blogosphere in my free time for the next little while, I think.


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