Sunday, November 27, 2005

I Am Thankful

(and, yeah, a little late) for:
---the flexibility of the 6-year Phd
---The Oxford English Dictionary, which reminds us how the self-evident changes
---the patience of my parents
---the musical genius of the Berkeley Ward of the LDS church
---Immanuel Kant
---Bristol paper
---Wordsworth, always, but John Brown, more so, recently
---Jean Patou perfumes
---the NYC Subway, for its lessons on etitquette in a changing world
---Wacoal bras
---J.S. Bach, whose Goldbergs can make everything alright, for awhile
---The Joy of Cooking, which has, indeed, brought me joy
---the understanding of my sisters, biological and otherwise
---the tangible hope that lawmakers are turning against unlimited executive power
---the return of political muckracking
---the new turn in literary criticism towards a historicized, theorized close reading
---Petit Bateau cotton underthings
---the Bertoldt Brecht/Kurt Weil collaboration
---that be-afro'ed gentleman on public TV who demystifies oil painting
---Ducray facial products
---the modern profileration of biblical translations, indices, and commentary
---Vermont aged cheddars
---Nat Sherman cigarettes
---mostly safe municipal water


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