Sunday, March 13, 2005

More Mormon Blogs

I lost a wittily phrased update to my last post, so I'll start over and perhaps more prosaically.

Clicking through links at the Feminist Mormon Housewives site, I found a little world of Mormon blogging, which I must say doesn't surprise me at all. Mormons are strongly urged to keep personal journals, the Church embraced modern communications technology very early, and blogging is the inevitable result.

Someone who really wants to know everything about the Mormon blogosphere should start here, at the aggregator site LDS Blogs. There's a rather strange hierarchizing of contributing sites: archipelago, mainland, isles in the sea, other islands and atolls. I suspect this feature is more a result of the inevitable bloggy popularity ranking than of any doctrinal position, but one does wonder. If anyone associated with LDS Blogs wanders over here, I sugest that your "about" page clarify this system.

Someone who simply wants to get the gist of the Mormon blogosphere without much editorializing should go to the blog The Bloggernacle Times, where a weekly review column is interspersed with some very moderate--think Kevin Drum on a particularly neutral day--columnist posts. Current events are determined by Mormon content, as far as I can tell.

Someone interested in hearing Mormons think through their own culture and religion for the benefit of a public audience might go to a group blog called Various Stages of Mormondom. Here, multiple contributors think through how a specified issue in the religion has been meaningful (or not) in their own lives. To give an example, the topic for the weekend of March 11-12 is the Word of Wisdom, the advice, or commandment (depending on how you read it), of Joseph Smith about substances like alcohol, tobacco, and coffee. Contributing writers take positions ranging from "I understand that some people could use these in moderation" to "even though polygamy is no longer a commandment, these substances are still harmful."

A more political person interested in Mormon takes on cultural trends might consider the liberal blog "By Common Contest." Liberal in this context means people who self-identify as Sunstone readers and who deem themselves worthy and empowered to come up with their own positions on ideas. A recent firey discussion on this blog shlocky Mormon-themed products, which one new contributer argued were "priestcraft" (a term which might be glossed as "totalitarian Papist propaganga"). The post was brave, and the discussion wild.

I've just scratched the surface of the almost thirty blogs listed on the aggregator site. If any of you Mormon bloggers wander over here, I have two general comments: 1) keep up the good work! and on a darker note, 2) be careful.


Blogger J. Stapley:

If anyone associated with LDS Blogs wanders over here, I sugest that your "about" page clarify this system.

Will do. Thanks for the feedback.

2) be careful.

Okay, mom ;)

But seriously, great blog.

3/15/2005 05:54:00 PM  

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