Saturday, April 02, 2005


There is a pernicious new trend stalking the corridors of Barnes and Noble. It is wearing a kilt, and it is sweeping women off to ramshuckle highlands castles to seduce them with its burr.

From the Scotsman:

Books with covers showing brooding, muscular, kilted heroes gazing out over the hills and glens are topping the best-seller lists.

The authors, some of whom can barely contain their passion for a land they see as impossibly romantic, say their books are successful because Scottish men in kilts are so breathtakingly beguiling.

Sue Ellen Welfonder, author of the bestselling Devil in a Kilt, said: "It’s the kilts. That or the men that fit in them. Scottish men are unbelievably sexy."

From the Times:

It may be hard to believe, but 41.4m female readers cannot be wrong. Scottish women might think their men are about as attractive as a plate of cold porridge but in America, a man in a kilt is the most exciting thing since Mr Darcy hung his frilly shirt on a tree and went skinny dipping.

Via the Literary Saloon.


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