Friday, June 17, 2005

Meta-Blogging 13: The Corporate Blog

Teresa Nielsen-Hayden, fierce gardener of astroturf, finds the PR agents' guide to storming the blogosphere. The article seems to focus on emailing already-known bloggers with "informative" tips that, presumably, the blogger would then filter up into the mainpage. One of the "Seven Habits of Highly Effective Blog PR":
Quality, not quantity: Here's a new rule for agencies. Never send out more than one or two communications to blogs a day. Use the remaining time to research the industry and relevant issues, study the blogger's hot buttons and craft a finely tuned email. Make the email seem like it's coming from a knowledgeable best friend, not a direct mail house.
Well, I guess it was inevitable.

And now that I have my own webspace, I really should publicly thank the fine fine people at Wampum, hosters of the Koufax Awards, who, some two or so years ago, put me on the trail of the best that blogs have to offer. *waves*


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