Wednesday, September 14, 2005

British Rhetoric Goes Hardcore

I'm listening right now to an MP3 of "Gorgeous" George Galloway debating Christopher Hitchens. The debate is happening in NYC, so they both know that they're on foreign terrain, that their accents seem charming, and that they can get away with rhetorical excesses that would be impossible for Americans.

That said, good, heavens, the two biggest blowhards in the English language are delivering! While I think that both of them are full of it, oh, the spectacle!

Although I don't agree with his politics, I reached a decent download via John Cole. (Cole's link ended up working in Music Max Juke Box. So help me, I don't really know what that means.)

[Update: Galloway is interviewed on WNYC by Brian Leherer, here.

Looking back on the debate, I can' t really say who "won," per se; the style of the debators was so diferent and they both seemed to be playing more to the audience than to logic. On audio, Galloway seemed more audible and Htichens more credible, but in the final analysis, both came across as hacks.]


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