Friday, April 08, 2005

Art Blogs Added

From Edward Underscore's links at Obsidian Wings, I've added two art blogs.

Art Addict is the blog of a low to mid-range collector. Paige West is a New Yorker who frequents some of the same galleries that I do but presents the buyer's perspective on the art scene. Here's an example of strange synchronicity: about two weeks before finding West's blog, I was interested (but not compelled) by this very same artist in the very same gallery, and if West's entry weren't dated 2004, I would swear that I'd handled that specific work. Her blog is rolling, but she doesn't seem to post often. She doesn't seem to have attracted commenters who have the same perspective, however.

ArtBlog is the blog of an independent artist, Franklin Einspruch, based in Florida. His blog is mainpage with comments. He sometimes presents images from a single exhibit and discusses the quality of the art and the curation; othertimes he discusses issues within the art world. The comments threads here are usually feisty (not the current one, so far), with arguments piling up. The regulars tend to be anti-concept art--a defensable position!


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