Monday, May 30, 2005

Meta-Blogging 7. The Tech Crew Speaks

A TV cameraman notices that the instantianity of the digital citizen's footage is edging out good composition and editing values. Part of "Lenslinger's" comment:
No one expected the democratization of media to be pretty, but the attendant lens abuse is enough to break this cinematographer’s heart. But that ship has sailed, a nautical phrase as apparently outdated as Wide-Medium-Tight and Steady Sequenced Video. What use are lofty production values to the herky-jerky nature of today’s internet footage? Does proper composition really matter when the end product is viewed on a one inch screen? Of course it does - but only to us broadcast dinosaurs. This new hybrid breed of digital scribe gives little thought to such matters, instead relying on quick image uploads and push-button publishing to make up for his lack of camera acumen.

The post is a remarkably fair analysis of technological change in image capturing and how it affects social organization, aesthetics--and employment opportunities.
[Via Jeff Jarvis, who makes the obvious leap to blogging.]


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