Monday, April 03, 2006

Lights Out, Lights On

It's been a rough couple of weeks for me, as I've finally realized that not only is the world not waiting for my dissertation, I'm not even really excited about it. And yet the bills keep coming. Some gnashing of teeth has been going on, some ridiculous fantasies of possible careers have been entertained, some hostility towards my dysfunctional department has been expressed, but I prefer to keep such matter ob scena. So, sorry for the light posting recently.

For now, I'll link to my postat HoCB about architectural ironies in the current French student riots (yeah, the franchise has clearly expanded), and to Matt Weiner's analysis of the odds for a Pascalian wager implicit in converting to LDS. I should have a lot more to say about the public debate on polygamy that the HBO show "Big Love" has unleashed: I'd really rather see a few episodes and think more carefully about why polygamy is coming up now, but but since people seem to keep asking me about this show, here are some general remarks.


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