Thursday, March 01, 2007

Abbas Kiarostami

Attention, New Yorkers!

The MoMA is hosting a gigantic retrospective of the granddaddy of Iranian film this month (March 1-19), with screenings of just about everything he's ever filmed, from pre-Revolution shorts about dental care for children to more recent feature-length existential quest-narratives. Also, this month PS1 in Queens is showing an exhibit of Kiarostami's photography, which is supposed to be quite good; I'm planning on seeing it tomorrow.

A friend of mine who assisted in the curation of this exhibit remarked: "I had no idea that Iranian men were all so attractive!" I'm just passing this along so that those of you more interested in attractive men than in cinema vérité might be moved to attend.

Kiarostami himself is scheduled to speak at Bard College and Princeton U. next week sometime; unaccountably, NYU turned down his offer of a master-class.

[Update: As Scott points out, Hunter College is making out like a bandit: it's scheduled Kiarostami for a whopping nine-day master class. I'm having a hard time believing that he'll be able to be there, really be there, for the full term announced by Hunter, but it's quite a commitment, nonetheless.

Why do I doubt? Part of it has to do with the rumors that Kiarostami nearly didn't make it into the country at all. Part of it has to do with the hundreds of Iranian exiles who have some sort of claim on what time he has here. And part of it has to do with the frustrating nature of master classes.]


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