Monday, December 26, 2005

Merry Christmas!

My presents are unwrapped--and yours?

My most satisfying present: four dessert/salad plates in vivid red, ochre, and orange hues, mismatched and slightly ovaloid. They will make my entire living room look more exciting.

My most practical present: a cheap-o digital camera. Oh, I got plans for that.

My weirdest present: one of those thermos-y whipped-cream cannisters you keep in your fridge. I eat whipped cream perhaps once a year, and I've made it perhaps twice in my life.

Most successful gift I gave: all of my nieces and nephews got Chinese-style pajamas from Canal St. Somehow, these manage to be both ninja suits and princess wear--and in a cunning moment, I managed to plant the suggestion in my niece's ear that most real princesses were brave dragon-slayers. (Even Cinderella, I swear! It's just that Walt Disney cut the story short!)


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